Curtis Towing & Salvage

We Buy Totaled Cars

totaled car buyer, wrecked car buyer, aurora, IL Curtis's Towing & Salvage Inc.

We buy totaled cars on a regular basis. Most come from vehicle owners who only had liability insurance or even no insurance.  If you’re not getting a check for your totaled or wrecked car after it’s been in an accident then you’re still the owner of that vehicle and entitled to salvage the vehicle yourself.

Instead of paying for another costly tow from the yard your totaled car was taken to after the accident you can call us and we’ll come to you, pay you cash on the spot and tow away your totaled car for free. As long as you act quickly, before storage fees have had a chance to build up, you can make a tidy little profit that can go towards the down payment for your next set of wheels or a night on the town to mourn your lost wheels.