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We’ve been paying cash for junk cars throughout the suburbs of Chicago for  over 8 years.  Unlike the majority of sites you’ve probably come across on Google and other search engines you will deal with us directly.  We own our tow trucks, we’re licensed, and we come out personally to pay you in cash and tow away your car for free.


Most of the sites that dominate the top spots on the internet are marketing companies that sell off the leads to towing companies, junkyards and less marketing saavy junk car buying companies.   This means there’s going to be more money taken out of the price that you’ll get for your junk car by companies that operate this way and you’ll often meet other obstacles that make selling your junk car more of a hassle because information has to be relayed between multiple levels and this invariably leads to communication break downs.

We make it easy.  You call us, we come out to you and put actual cash in your hand, then we tow away your junk car for free.  We have strong relationships with local junkyards and scrap recyclers.  They know we bring in the cars clean and ready to be parted out or recycled so we get paid more than most which means we can pay you more for your junk car.

curtis towing tow truck2

We use a flatbed tow truck for picking up your junk car which means we can buy just about anything you have to offer.  Flat tires or even no tires and we can still buy your junk car.  Broken axles are also no problem.  Don’t get stuck when a less professional junk car buying company shows up with a car tow dolly and has no way to tow your disabled vehicle away.